Château de Lussac Rosé 2012

Château de Lussac was founded in 1876 and has been the property of Mme G Laviale-Van Malderen and her husband Hervé since the 2000 vintage.
The vineyard, like the winemaking equipment has been refurbished. And today Chateau de Lussac produces some of the best wines in the Saint Emilion region, on a terrain of clay and loam. The 3 colours live side by side: a rosé, Cabernet Franc and Merlot; a great wine with 80 % Merlot and 20 % Cabernet Franc; a second wind with a Merlot base, Le Libertin de Lussac and a white wine, a blend of Sauvignons, white and grey and Sémillion.



Appellation : AOC Bordeaux Rosé
Area: 32 Hectares
Type of Soil : Limestone and clay and Loam
Growth : 60 % Merlot and 40% Cabernet Franc
Planting Density: 5500 vines per hectare
Average age of vines: 35 years
Management: Double Guyot
Return: 40 hl/ha
Production: 6690 bottles
Alcohol: 12,5%
Bottled: 1st March 2013


Double Sorting: “mechanical” destemming by Pellenc SELECTIV Winery processor.. Sorted by specific gravity using Tribaie ®. Final manual sorting. Selection of batches during maceration. Settling and adjusting the turbidity for optimum fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for 7 days. Temperature controlled (22 ° C). Yeast selection.


Aged on lees in the vats.
Bentonite fining for protein stabilization.
Filtration at bottling.


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